Easytrieve equivalent of S9(7)V99 Comp-3 in COBOL

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Easytrieve equivalent of S9(7)V99 Comp-3 in COBOL





I have a file which is prepared by a COBOL program and which contains packed data. Packed data is not in readable format, so for sending the report to client I need it converted to readable format.
I want to write an easytrieve to convert this file in a readable format. 
I am not sure what should be the corresponding format for the packed field S9(7)V99 COMP-3 in easytrieve.
Can some one please help?
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The equivalent declaration

The equivalent declaration for S9(7)V99 Comp-3 in EZtrieve will be

Variable-Name  05 P 2 ===> 05 is the number of bytes, P for packed decimal(COMP-3) and 2 for the decimal  places.


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