Compress PDS - abend SE37


Compress PDS - abend SE37
There are times when we face SE37 abend while updating a PDS for members.
One such situation is compile jobs which generates/updates load in loadlib. 
You may face such abend for the loadlib. The following may be helpful in resolving
such abend.
If a PDS is in use for a long time and members are frequently changed, deleted, 
and new members created, it creates lot of unused gaps or spaces. 
You can compare this situation to fragmentation of disk in windows. Just like
a defrag is required after sometime to free up unused space, similarily we need
to compress PDS to free up unused space. 
Compressing a PDS actually rearranges members by using the unused free space 
between members.
To compress a PDS you can use the following steps
Step 1: Start
Step 2: 3.4
Step 3: Provide the name of PDS which you wish to compress
Step 4: Press ENTER
Step 5: Enter "Z" against the PDS you wish to compress
Step 6: Press ENTER


You can avoid SE37 abends if you convert your PDS to a PDSE or library. I would like to know why people still use PDS's when the PDSE is availble, is it pure ignorance or is there still a good reason to use PDS over a PDSE (Library).