CICS program does not need to open a file explicitly

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CICS program does not need to open a file explicitly

I noticed this while debugging a CICS program recently that CICS does not need to open a file explicitly if the file has a FCT entry.

I am not sure if my conclusion is correct, but as per my observation I think that if a file has been defined in file control table of CICS then it does not need to be opened explicity.

I am seeking an answer from the forum if my observation is correct and if someone can provide more inputs on this, it would be really nice of them.

- Kailash

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CICS Opening and closing of files.
One of the goals in CICS is for many transactions to be able to read and to write to a file without the overhead of each transaction being requiring to open and close a file. This allows more throughput of transctions if CICS does the opening and closing of the files itself. How CICS manages this is normally on first referenced to a file the CICS Task will open the file. After that all transaction reading and writing to the file mearly have to read or write to the file. CICS will then Close the file when requested or when CICS Shuts down. This is true of course to any file that is in the FCT.
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