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This is Vikas Saxena, the author of mainframewizard.com. Hope you enjoyed the website and have something to take back.

If you like the website add it to your bookmarks and suggest others. 

Any comments. feedback or suggestions are most welcome at mainframewizard@gmail.com



hello, i heartily appreciate your effort becoz most of the forums on mainframe are not updated regularly. and this one i am finding updated. PLZ LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE JOBS IN IBM MAINFRAMES FOR FRESHERS IN NCR REGION.....is there any possibilty for freshers in mainframe??i have done ibm mainframes recently and looking for job

Actually Hi Vikas, my friend suggested this site to me. Am working in mainframe platform for the past three years. Till now I havent come across a site like this. Usually I will do google on some COBOL topics if i have some doubt, then again i will do google on JCL if i have some doubt on JCL, it goes for VSAM, CICS and DB2. But now am just opening this site wen am logging into my system. So I will refer this site for all the topics. Its a handy website for us. Its really helpfull for the fresher as well as the experienced. Keep the good work. Thanks a!!!!gain



My name is Mattias Wahlberg and I work as product manager for Freefloat. We are a software company that creates software products for smarter mobile solutions in logistics. One of our products that are featured on your site is Access*One which is barcode centric terminal emulator and we always here from others that the green screen is dead or soon will be. But our sales figures says the opposite. More and more users gets connected to their mainframe and can work efficient and without errors, as often occurs when pen and paper is involved. 

Keep up your good work to keep the mainframe alive and kicking. We know for a fact that without mainframes the banks, food suuply and heavy industries in Sweden would grind to a halt.

Mattias Wahlberg

Product Manager