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Hi Everyone,
You might be already well versed in setting the maxcc of a program but please help me out!!!
Below mentioned is my requirement:-
The program is trying to FTP a file to destination server. It has four steps.
Step01:- Validates the FTP account
step02,03,04:- FTP's the same file to the destination server subsequently in case if previous step fails.
step020 exec pgm=ftpprog,
say if step020.RC > 0 then it executes 
step030 exec pgm=ftpprog,
say if step030.RC > 0 then it executes
step040 exec pgm=ftpprog
My requirement here is to set the Maxcc=0 if the FTP is successful in either of the three steps.
I have already tried the below piece of code:-
if ( step020.RC =0 | step030.RC =0 | step040.RC=0) then
step050 exec pgm=idcams
sysin dd *
set maxcc=0
Its just setting the RC of step050. 
please help me out in setting the MAXCC = 0 for the program. It would be grateful!!!!!!!


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