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Stop run vs Goback
A Stop run stops the unit of work and returns control to the operating system. A Goback returns control to the calling program. This may appear trivial but it is very important. If program A calls program B and program B issues a stop run, then execution of the unit of wok ceases, and program A never gets control back. While if program B issues a GOBACK, control is returned to the statement after the call to program B in program A. In the good old days you could lose your job if you coded a "STOP RUN" in a CICS program as the STOP RUN caused the CICS TASK to STOP running and brought the CICS REGION down. Modern versions of CICS are smarter that that and will not be brought down by a "STOP RUN" in a COBOL Program, but i would still not try it if i where you?


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