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Automation of Job Submission


I have lot of jobs in a set of 10,15,20 which i need to run and submit one after another depending on what i need to do.
So, i was thinking of automating the process of submission of Jobs.
Like if we write a REXX or FTP program then that program will run n submit the JCL's one after another if the predecessor job is successfull MAXCC=0 in either SPOOL(SD;ST) or SAR.
Can we do this automation.I know in REXX we have ISREDIT "SUBMIT" command to submit JCL/JOBs.
But how do we read the MAXCC=0/008/0016/SOC7/SC04 out put of precedessor Job and depending on successful submission the REXX/FTP automatically submits next job.IF predecessor ABENDs then the REXX/FTP should stp and can start once again if job runs successfully.
Please let me know.

Thanks in Advance,



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