Difference between CONTINUE and NEXT SENTENCE

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Difference between CONTINUE and NEXT SENTENCE





What is the difference between CONTINUE and Next Sentence?

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The next sentence command

The next sentence command does exactly what it says, it goes to the next sentence which follows after the next full stop. The continue command starts executing at the next Statement.

In COBOL a statement is not a sentence, Sentences are separated by full stops.

My personal coding standard is never to code full stops in my programs except at the end of a paragraph on a line of it's own. Also banned is the next sentence clause.

By coding in this way all confusion between next sentence and continue is eliminated.

Here is some pseudo code to demonstrate the difference:

Evaluate a
when 1
when 2
next sentence

next-statement-continues here.

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difference between continue and next sentence
continue and next sentence are used when IF is empty continue executes the next logical statement. next sentence executes the next statement after the period. EXAMPLE: IF GENDER = 'M' CONTINUE/NEXT SENTENCE ELSE MOVE 1000.00 TO BONUS-AMOUNT END-IF MOVE A TO B. MOVE C TO D. continue executes MOVE A TO B. next sentence executes MOVE C TO D.
RE:Difference between CONTINUE and NEXT SENTENCE


CONTINUE is like a null statement (and does nothing) , while NEXT SENTENCE transfers control to the next sentence (i.e. to the
next statement ending with period)
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