It gives me immense pleasure in Thanking you all for visiting my website. I am really happy with the kind of response I am getting from people around the world. Its rewarding to get appreciation of the work and its not possible to keep up the quality of work without such encouragement from the users.  

I came up with this section to receive the feedback from the users so that I can better the website based upon your precious comments. Please feel free to pour in your suggestions or comments which can help improve the website.

I have collated some of the comments I received before this section was published.

Thanking you all for your appreciation!!



Cheran Pogu -
 good one vikas..  
Jegatheeswari Perumalsamy -
 ThankQ Vikas
Leon bonilla -
Thank you, Vikas
Ravi Shiramwar-     
Thanks Vikas :-)
Marleen Loughlin  -
Vikas: Thank You for the very informative mainframewizard.com.       
Cheran Pogu -
Thanks Vikas for sharing all mainframe useful information..
Shobana Radhakrishnan  - 
It is a interesting and informative site. The site is useful ,not only for experts - who want automation ideas to improve efficiency but also for beginners or those who want to brush up on the basics. 
Arindam Basu -
  I had a quick look through d site and found it quite impressive. 
Gunjan Maheshwari -
  Went thru your site, found it great.
Gnana N -
  Appreciate your efforts in making this site. It is good. Keep up your work.
Tarun Srivastava - 
Saw the mainframe site that u have created... its cool
Gunseli Yurtseven-
Hi Vikas, 
It is very useful website.Thank you.
Michael Mayes-
Thanks Vikas, Your site is helpful and well put together. I appreciate you posting it.
Vikas Babajiyavar- (About Abend Tracker)
As a consultant you work hard, use code trial & error method in testing, talk with peers for problem solution. This tool will help you in pinpoint error and get it fixed on time, efficiently. Thank you for sharing it!
Sriman Vemuganti-
Thanks Vikas
your website is damm good and pretty different from the rest..keep going..
Kuldeep Singh Tomar-
Vikas you Rock..... Keep sharing new additioons to your site.. and keep Rocking..


A very cool and informative site. Easy and understandable content on mainframes. I like the video tutorials a lot. Quite creative.

this is excellent..!!!add more abt REXX

Hi Vikas,
The jcl which you have given to retrive the SDSF data to a PS file.
it is performing Well.

My Question is ....

How to extract the Every day(current day alone) Error data(I ,E,W) into a PS file?

And one more automation Task like....

How to send a report to lotus note using jcl ?

Thanks In advanc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eagarly waitiang for ur Answers.

Thanks and regards,

Very Informative and presented in an "easy to understand" way and good for beginners.wish to see much more details on mainframes. Excellent!