Transfer file from and to mainframe using FTP


Transfer file from and to mainframe using FTP
You can use FTP dos command to transfer files from and to mainframe
Start --> Run --> Command  
Step2:  Enter the following command 
Where XX.XXX.XX.XXX  is the ip address of mainframe 
Step3: When you are prompted for user name and password, provide your mainframe id and mainframe password
; ; ; ;
To download the file from mainframe to PC
To Upload the file to mainframe from PC
FILE.ON.MAINFRAM is the file on mainframe
D:\MYFILES\TEST.TXT - is the file on PC 


its a good answer... working excellently in XP...

But Its not working in Window 7 :( .. could anyone please help 

n mail at

For Window 7 you need to use above command in following way..

PUT "PC file path (e.g. c:\xxxxxxxx)" "mainframe file name


I tried the above method. after giving username and password, iam getting below error.

550-error initializing FTP server

what is the issue ?


as per the above procedure if i provide the IP address its showing

ftp:connect: unknown error number..please help me

Try to "ping"  that ip address or run a tracert to it to make sure you have a valid/proper ip address.

Otherwise, talk with your network support people.

I don't bother with these commands. I simply use XCenter: